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How do I order a drawing of my pet?

I have put together a simple guide for ordering a drawing of an animal portrait. You can find it here. You can also order a drawing of the portrait using this form.

What should an ideal reference photo look like?

The animal needs to be photographed up close, it does not have to look directly into the camera, it can be turned sideways or profilewise. However, it is necessary for as much detail as possible being visible in the photo (what you can’t see in the photo, you won’t see in the drawing). If the animal is far away, blurred, in the dark or overexposed, I am not able to draw a portrait according to such a photo. It is best to take pictures of the animal outdoors when it is cloudy, on the other hand it is not suitable to have a midday sun creating sharp shadows on the animal, more so that the animal often frowns. Also it is not appropriate to take photos of the animal with a flash or with a small depth of field, when it focuses on one part only (in case of the animal’s head, there will be sharp eyes but blurry nose, ears etc.). It’s nice when you can see sparkle in the animal’s eyes which can be helped by gaining its attention with a treat or a toy. Always photograph the animal from its perspective (at eye level), not from above or below. If you have studio photos of your animal, send me those. I need a photo of at least 8 Mpx (resolution at least 3840 × 2160 Px). If you have more photos and you do not know which is the most suitable, send me all and I will choose. If you send more photos, you can do it via
You also need to have the copyright or at least the consent of the author to use the photo for drawing purposes.

Will the animal in the drawing be exactly the same as in the photo?

You need to know that the portrait of an animal will never be exactly the same as your pet. Every artist puts a piece of himself into his work. It is a certain kind of the author’s signature. I say that we put a piece of our soul into the artwork, so that our personality is reflected in the given work. That’s why the drawn animal will not be the same in all details as in real life. For this reason, you need to choose an artist who suits you and whose work you like. 

How many photos do you need to draw an animal?

I only need one high-quality photo to draw an animal portrait. If you are not sure which photo is the best, send me more.

How long does it take you to draw an animal portrait?

The animal drawing is quite time-consuming, it depends on the size. Pet portrait on paper A5 takes around 10 hours, A4 around 20 hours and A3 up to 40 hours.

Why do you only draw animals?

I have always been very close to animals, I love them and I really enjoy drawing them. Drawing is very time consuming and I wouldn’t be able to spend so much time on something I don’t enjoy which would be visible in the result. I want my drawings to make the owners happy and so I have to feel the joy first to be able to put it in.

Is it possible to draw more animals on one paper?

Of course. However, if you want to draw more animals, it is better to choose a larger paper size, at least A3. Also, keep in mind that the cost of drawing increases with each additional animal drawn. To draw a larger number of animals, these animals do not even have to be in one photo – just send me more photos and I will create a collage.

If I don’t like something in the animal photo, can it be removed from the drawing?

Yes, you just need to tell me in advance. At the request of customers, I commonly do not draw the animals’ skin growths or collars.

When I intend an animal portrait as a birthday surprise, will you keep it a secret until it is handed over to a celebrant?

For sure, as the most pet portraits are intended as a gift. If you tell me in advance, it is not a problem for me to postpone publishing the drawing on social networks until it is handed over to its new owner.

Can I be involved in creation of my animal portrait?

If you are interested in the process of drawing a pet portrait, I will be happy to send you photos of the progress I will make in drawing your pet.

How long does it take to deliver an animal portrait?

Due to higher demand for animals drawings, it is necessary to prepare for a delivery time of 2-4 months. In summer and before Christmas, the waiting period may be extended.

Can you ship the pet portrait internationally? And how much does the shipping cost?

Of course! I sent the artwork all over the world. I will provide you with full tracking information while sending the pet portrait. The shipping cost depends on the size of the pet portrait and its final destination. I will provide you with the cost when booking with me.

Do I have to take care of the drawing?

All the materials I use for drawing are professional, of the highest quality, listed as lightfast and the drawing is fixed with varnish. To be on the safe side, I recommend putting the drawing where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Despite the fact, the pencil drawings are fixed by a fixative, avoid touching them. Pastel drawings are not fixed and they are very susceptible to smudging. Keep your art in a dry place.
The best way to protect your artwork from mechanical damage is to place it in a frame with glass. Always use acid-free materials. I recommend using passe-partout to avoid contact of the drawing with glass. The passe-partout also allows air circulation between glass and artwork what prevents mildew. I have a lot of passe-partouts, just let me know.
Then it will not need any other care than wiping the dust of the frame from time to time.

Can I return the animal portrait?

Unfortunately, the animal portrait cannot be returned as it is a custom drawing and as such is tailor-made in agreement with the customer. During the drawing of the portrait, you can comment on possible problems and we can make adjustments. The final drawing can no longer be corrected. If there are any problems on your part during creating the drawing, let me know and we can solve it together.

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