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Terms and Conditions


1.1 An animal portrait inquiry can be made by this form or via e-mail The e-mail must contain information about your overall idea of ​​the portrait (dimensions of paper, colour of the portrait, delivery date), contact details (name, telephone number, address), method of delivery and sent photos. Conditions for the quality of reference photos can be found here.
1.2 The order is binding.



2.1 Orders for animal portraits are processed in the order in which I received the photographs. If someone sends a request for a portrait but at the same time does not deliver the required photo, the one who submits the photo first will be given priority.
2.2 During the realization of the drawing, photos of the work in progress are sent to the customer and it is possible to modify it. The finished drawing can no longer be edited.


3.1 The delivery time for animal portraits is 2-4 months, which may be extended during the summer.


4.1 Immediately after ordering the animal portrait, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is required. The customer does not send the deposit automatically, he will be asked to pay it after confirming the order. The invoice is due in 7 days. As soon as the deposit including the reference photo arrives, a portrait drawing will be realized. The remaining amount including transport and any additional services such as framing or gift wrapping is paid after the customer checks the photograph of the finished portrait.
4.2 Within 3 working days after receiving the additional payment, the drawing is sent to the customer’s address.
4.3 Payments can be made via PayPal or by bank transfer to the bank account number 115-6877370267/0100, the variable symbol will be generated in the invoice.
Data for foreign payments:
IBAN: CZ6601000001156877370267


5.1 Transport is possible via the Czech Post (package in hand / to the post office) or Zásilkovna.
5.2 An animal portrait can be sent anywhere in the world. Postage outside the Czech Republic is valued by the price list of the Czech Post and Zásilkovna and the current exchange rate.
5.3 It is not possible to send a portrait cash on delivery.
5.4 The portrait is not sent in a glass frame.
5.5 In the case of personal delivery, the portrait can be submitted in a gift box and with a selected frame.


6.1 By sending the order, the customer agrees to the use of a photocopy of the portrait for the needs of its author (print of advertising materials and online promotional purposes).
6.2 Sales copies of the ordered portraits shall not be made for third parties.


7.1 The Privacy Policy sets out what customer data is collected and how it is handled. You can find the exact wording in the link here.


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